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Welcome to Royal Massage Clinic & SPA, where our customers will receive the best massage services for their body pain alleviation and stress relief!

Our Featured Massage: Tui Na

Tui Na is a medical massage therapy only practiced by medical doctors in the government sponsored hospitals in China. Over thousands of years, Tui Na has been and is still a mainstream medical treatment discipline in China. Unlike other massages practiced in SPA, which can only reduce muscle tension, Tui Na can treat many diseases. As the Tui Na center in the DC metro area, our clinic’s mission is to inherit, practice and advance Tui Na in the United States.

Other Services

In addition to our featured Tui Na massage, we also provide a wide variety of massage services and traditional Chinese rehabilitation services to meet our customer’s need. Our services include:

Our Research

As the center of Tui Na in the DC metro area, we will not only practice massage services, but also conduct research to examine effects of our services on selected diseases and symptoms. Our customers will have opportunity to join our studies on a voluntary basis. To our best knowledge, no massage clinic or SPA in this country is doing this.

Our Team

Our principal massage therapist, Dr. Chris Liu, received medical degree in Shanghai and practiced Tui Na in one of the best hospitals in China. In addition, he is a licensed massage therapist in MD and VA and can practice at any medical settings. Furthermore, Dr. Liu has actively carried out research on complimentary and alternative medicine, and published his research findings in peer-reviewed journals. Under his supervision, our team endeavors to provide the best massage services to our customers.