“Thanks God, I finally found Tui Na massage in the DC Metro area. For people coming from Asia, especially the Great China region, they know the difference between Tui Na massage and those served in massage parlors or SPAs. For a person like me with severe shoulder and neck pain, I need a professional medical massage like Tui Na to alleviate my pains and solve my problem. Great job, Dr. Liu, you are the best!”  – Ann

“Before coming to Royal Massage, I was planning to have a knee replacement surgery due to degenerative knee arthritis. Dr. Liu not only gave a wonderful medical massage, but also provided much needed advises on how to maintain and improve my knee function. So, I changed my mind and want to keep my original knees. Thank you so much!” – John Q

“I have suffered from severe headache for many years, and can’t sleep well at night. When the headache comes, my brain is about to explode and all I can do to alleviate the pain is rubbing my head using stone. As you can imagine, my head was worn by the stone and bleeded sometimes. Luckily, I ran into this wonderful cozy place and had a Tui Na massage. After only 2 sessions, my headache was almost gone! Now I can enjoy my life again and I feel like a new person after rebirth.” – Sarah

“Though I don’t know Tui Na massage before, I decided to give it a try to see whether it will alleviate my headache. For my headache, I have tried different options, such as pain doctor, chiropractor and Swedish massage, but the problem remains. To my surprise, I felt much better after the very first session of Tui Na. It is much different from the massages I have received before, it is just amazing!” – Cindy

“I am very active in different sports and ordered a Swedish massage the other day at Royal Massage. Chris was able to find one swollen tendon in my leg by simply observing from outside and pinpoint where my pulled muscle is in the back without me telling him. He was simply awesome!” – Jason

“I am an amateur tennis player and have played a lot of tennis in my life. As a result, I had to go through quite a few injuries and went to different SPA for massages. Here, I found something different. Chris can easily find where my pain is and and address it by massaging those acupoints, which are very effective in soothing my aches. Great job!” – Phillip

First time today and was wonderful to de-stress and relax overworked muscles. My friend was also delighted with her first visit. Will certainly do again…”    -Curtis P

“Hi everyone. If you are really looking for a massage……please go to this place. It is amazing the way they work. I do not have the right words to describe the quality. So i will resume : they are for real and it is worth your time and worth more than what you paying for……”    – Sosthene M

“If you want a tremendous massage that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and free of pain, I suggest that you use these professionals. After a full hour of their massage you will like you have a new lease on life.” –Michael C.

“I’ve try all sort of massage therapists, chiropractors and others and find that they just keep doing the same routine over and over. Sarah is able to target the problem area and address it and still give you a fantastic overall massage. ” –Marc D.

“Thank you for the wonderful massage!  After 4  weeks of massage therapy, my body feels 10 years younger.  Not only is the pain I usually have gone, but my flexibility has increased and my energy level is better than ever.  Thanks again for your help, and I’ll continue to look forward to our sessions.” – Bruce M.